7 rules for choosing a moving company

1. A professional moving company has its own website, where all services are described in detail and tariffs are indicated. If you suddenly saw a short ad in a newspaper, on a search or other site with the content “Movers. Inexpensive” is better not to experiment.
2. A professional moving company has its regular customers, with whom it has been cooperating for more than a year. We advise you to look at the news section on the company’s website and understand what kind of partners they have, what scale of relocations they make and what level of tasks they can work with.
3. Moving companies must provide a free estimate of the move. This can be either a preliminary calculation on a calculator or a call to an appraiser on site. This service will allow you to assess the upcoming costs, as well as the level of professionalism of the company. In the future, you can compare prices from competitors.
4. Professionals are ready to work day and night. In fact, when ordering an office move, it is often very important to carry it out at night or in the evening in order to minimize office interruption. In some companies, the evening moving service is considered at the usual rate, in others they may be calculated with an extra charge, so it is better to immediately clarify all the details.
5. A professional moving company also provides all the necessary packaging material. If you order a “turnkey move” you do not have to run around looking for cardboard boxes!
6. The company must have all the necessary equipment for the transportation of bulky goods, fragile equipment or non-standard furniture.
7. And, of course, you can read customer reviews both on the site itself (often there is a special “Reviews” section) and on specialized forums.