How is the move

Before the apartment move, already in a couple of weeks, the migrant should begin preparations. Sort your things, leave only what is needed in the new apartment. In the process of the move itself, specialists will help pack property, disassemble cabinet furniture, and protect household appliances from damage during transportation. Dismantling of wardrobes and other structures is competently carried out by trained professionals.

Fragile items are packed using wrapping paper, stretch film, cardboard boxes. In this form, the glass doors of furniture, mirrors, dishes will be protected from shock and damage.

The movement of household appliances and furniture is carried out with the help of special trolleys, which allow you to protect floors and thresholds. With careful loading of well-packed property, its complete safety is guaranteed.

In the body, where things are loaded, fasteners are provided. Therefore, during transportation, the possibility of displacement of objects is excluded, which could lead to damage to things.

In the new apartment, the furniture is mounted and placed in agreement with the customer in the right place. All packaging material left from unpacking various items is taken out of the apartment.

Office relocation has its own peculiarities, unlike apartment relocation. If, when moving an apartment, it is usually necessary to transport a lot of different items, then when moving an office, there are much fewer items to be transported. However, when moving an office, the main condition is that it is necessary to meet a small time frame so that the business does not suffer tangible losses.